Be my guest

First off, thank you for joining me on the podcast.

I have a lot of fun on this show, and do my best to create an enjoyable, relaxed environment for everyone involved. here's what you can expect:

Before we record

Concerning audio

I strive for the best audio quality possible (within reason). Things you'll need to achieve this:

Concerning video

Riverside records video as well as audio. This video is not used in the main show, but I may at some point in the future choose to post these recordings to Youtube as supplemental content, or share clips and highlights to Youtube or other social platforms. Things you'll need to prepare for this:

While we record

Join Riverside via the link I provided you at the scheduled time. Here are some tips and tricks for a great show:

After we record

The hard intimidating talking part is over! Your interview will be reviewed, key quotes selected, and included in upcoming episodes.

You will:

I'm afraid I cannot promise that every single interview will end up included in a show, as it depends on what ends up making the narrative for the show work. However, you are always welcome to record again for future shows.

That's all!

Thanks again! I greatly appreciate your willingness to come on and talk with me.