KBall's Structured Growth Process

Vague performance reviews?

Awkward manager 1:1s?

An expectation that you'll "learn everything by doing"?

In an industry as growth-focused as technology, you would think we'd do better.

Image of Kevin Ball, founder of KBall, LLC

Hi, I'm Kevin Ball, also known as KBall. I've spent almost two decades in the technology industry as an engineer, manager, and entrepreneur.

Through the first half of it, my career growth was almost accidental. I followed my curiosity, taking courses and learning on the job. Which was great up to a point... but also led to me burning myself out over and over, and getting stuck.

Being an engineer, I thought: There has to be a better way. So over the last ten years I've gotten obsessed with the growth process.

How do we learn? How do we grow?

Structured growth

It turns out, most of us grow better with some structure in place.

That's why I've developed my Structured Growth Framework, a four step process that will set you up for success by helping you achieve clarity, learn to leverage your unique strengths, and develop a clear path to success.

How it works

KBall's Structured Growth Framework was developed to synthesize growth lessons from multiple schools of professional coaching, research on how adults learn, and two decades working in the tech industry as a software engineer and manager.

It is a structured, 4 step coaching series designed to create clarity, alignment, and immediate progress on growth.

It starts with your goals - getting really clear on what you want to achieve.

Next, we explore your strengths and weaknesses, learning how to work around weaknesses and leverage your unique strengths.

Finally, we look at potential roles, aligned with your goals, crafting a roadmap to progress.

Each stage starts with a worksheet to start thinking about the subject area. The worksheet is followed by a guided conversation to help you reach new insights, identify action steps, and commit to forward progress.

The details of each step are individualized to you, but the structure is the same, giving a step by step process to achieve clarity, massive leverage, and a clear path forward.

The process can be run by a manager with their direct reports, by a coach with coaching clients, or even by peers with each other.

Getting started

Currently, I coach engineers and managers one on one.

You can learn more about my coaching here, or sign up for a free exploratory session here.

If you're interested in training on how to use KBall's Structured Growth framework as a manager, I do not have any public trainings scheduled at this time, but you can email me or schedule a short call to discuss options for private training.