Consulting with KBall

Booting up your engineering team is hard. The things you're looking for are constantly changing. One moment you need someone spinning up servers and designing database schema, the next you need a front-end engineer who knows their way around React, and gosh it would sure be helpful to have some job descriptions written so you can hire those folks.

If you're struggling with this, I can help.

Human Duct Tape for your Engineering Organization

Many consultants like to specialize in a technology area or role, but I specialize in company phase: Early. Pre-seed, seed, and series A startups only. And for those early stage companies, you need someone who can jump into anything. I can offer value in three major areas: engineering leadership, engineering org-building, and engineering execution.

*Duct Tape meaning swift, strong, and flexible solutions to any problem

Engineering Leadership

Like a fractional CTO, I can help you with defining your architecture, establish early engineering practices, and lead your engineers. I've done this both for my own companies and as a consultant, and love working on the defining architectural choices that set a product up for success. I also love coaching & mentoring both developers and engineering leaders, and establishing the practices that lead to reliable delivery. However, unlike most fractional CTOs, I'm just as excited to get into the code.

Engineering Org Building

A key challenge of a startup is building out the team that will build the product at the same time you're still figuring out what that product is. Writing job descriptions, running effective interviews, and setting up onboarding materials are all core fundamentals that will let your team scale, but also often neglected in the rush to product-market fit. I can pick these engineering operational pieces up, so that you can stay focused on the product vision that makes your business unique.

Engineering Execution

Sometimes you just need another set of hands, and I'm perfectly happy to dive into development. Having worked everywhere from a super-computing startup to a design agency, my experience is primarily web stack (if your core product is a Mobile App, I'm not your guy), but I can help you with everything from setting up your first production environment to database design all the way to crafting your UIs and user journeys.

About Me

Image of Kevin Ball, founder of KBall, LLC
Hi! I'm Kevin Ball, also known as KBall, and I've been working in the tech industry since 2004.

I'm a two-time startup CTO, experienced software engineer, and engineering manager who loves the early, 0-1 phase of product and team development.

I'm also the co-founder of the San Diego Javascript Meetup, a panelist on the JSParty podcast, have spoken at conferences around the world, and have written articles for publications including Smashing Magazine, Lead Developer, web designer magazine, Net magazine and creative bloq.

What I offer

Who Shouldn't Work With Me

Choosing who to work with is much like dating - it is more like matchmaking than stack ranking. Here's some of the attributes that would make me not a good match for you and your company.

Who Should Work With Me

Here’s some of the attributes that would make us a good fit.

How to Get Started

The first step is to book a quick introductory conversation to get to know each other and share about your company and the engineering challenges you need addressed.

If it seems like there might be a good fit, we'll move to a somewhat longer call where we can break down a bit more the work to be done, how I will fit with your organization, and how we want to get started.

From there, we're just one docusign and an invoice away from starting work. Unlike with hiring a new employee, if you're in a rush we could get started within a day.