About KBall

Who is KBall?

Kevin Ball, also known as KBall, is an experienced web developer, engineering manager, and entrepreneur. He has co-founded and acted as CTO for 2 companies, founded the San Diego Javascript Meetup, and is a panelist on the JSParty podcast.

He has been interviewed on front-end frameworks by Web Designer Depot and have written articles as a subject-matter expert for publications including Smashing Magazine, Lead Developer, web designer magazine, Net magazine and creative bloq.

He has also spoken at conferences around the world like JSConf, React Summit, All Things Open, Web Unleashed, the CSS Summit, the SVG Summit, and the Accessibility Summit.

What is KBall, LLC?

KBall LLC is a limited liability company formed by KBall to provide consulting, training, and coaching services for the technology industry.

How can KBall help me?

Startups and small companies

KBall is available for consulting for startups in a "Human Duct Tape for your Engineering Organization" role, filling all of the gaps that naturally occur as you work to scale your product and team.

Larger companies

KBall is available to help with training engineering or other technical managers, with a particular focus on helping managers learn how to develop their reports.


KBall is available for 1:1 coaching for motivated individuals. He has helped numerous engineers and new managers become better leaders, leveling up their contributions and earning recognition and promotions.

Get In Touch

You can email KBall directly at kball@kball.llc or book a time to chat using Calendly.